Conference communication system

Sound systems for buildings, facilities and areas

Sound and fire warning systems are designed for application in public places for broadcasting of background music, advertising or information messages, voice fire alarm or in other emergency situations.

Additional features and possibilities are appeared with increasing of the system complexity, for example, generation of messages in the particular area, hot standby of amplifiers, generation of messages from different points that are located one hundred meters from mainframe. Broadcastings are performed by means of 100V transmission line, thus capability of long-distance signal transmssion via cheap wires with low noise sensitivity is implemented. Varied in appearances and purpose the loudspeakers blend in with any interior.


Conference communication systems with simultaneous interpretation and Press Centres equipping

Conference communication systems are used for holding meetings, parliament sessions, international congresses and conferences, round tables. Such systems have wide features, starting from registration, definition of the rights of voting and identification of voters, microphone control functions, processing of voting results up to multi-channel simultaneous interpretation that is important when international conferences are held. In these cases languages are interpreted simultaneously and transmitted to participants by means of the system of infrared multichannel distribution of sounds in such a way that each participant could choose the language (channel) to be interpreted.



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