stairs - 1      A stair is a structural, functional element that provides vertical copulas as a row of degrees. They do possible motion between floors and unite space that is located on different levels.
   In order to create harmonious interior architect’s fantasy and constructor’s talent is required, and to implement ideas into life – highly-qualified workers and manufacturing abilities.
   We are ready to make a project of any complexity and to produce stairs of the necessary design: winding (spiral) stairs, string and etc. The producing of stairs is individual because every next staircase differs from the previous in dimensions, details and materials.
   Materials for staircase producing are chosen very thoroughly as though they are chosen for treasures because the stairs at home are real treasures. Wood, metal, glass, stainless steel which comes to real specialists turn then into graceful geometry. With the help of the individual design made by the design office “TiSO” you have the possibility to add to your future stairs the owner’s character or order and receive the stairs of your favourite style. Stairs made of stainless steel and glass more and more often attract gourmets of design. The combination of warm tree and cold steel is also popular.   stairs - 2





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