Road blocks

road blocks


Road blocks are designed for:
- controlled restriction of vehicle access to pedestrian areas;
- clearance limitation of passing-by vehicles;
- antiramming device.

FAAC City series include automatic semi-automatic road blocks. Extendible part is lifted up to 800 mm height and run smoothly at te temperature range -40°С до +70°С. Automatic devices can be controlled from radio badge, keypad or integrate road blocks in access control system.

Average speed of lifting/lowering of road block extendible part is 100mm per second that enables to use them when traffic flow is intensive.

  Material of manufacture   stainless steel Fe 37
  Index of protection   IP 67
  Height of cylinder   600 mm
  Steel thickness   6 mm
  Diameter   275 mm
  Range of operation temperatures   (-40 - +70) °С
  Lifting time   5 - 7 sec

FAAC City road blocks are optimal silution for application on different sites. These road blocks can be installed on access roads to governmental or administrative buildings, access restriction to pedestrian areas, in historical places as well as on parkings or as restriction of access width.



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