Payment and permit systems

Leisure centre system
leisure centre system      The system identificator is a wrist bracelet with programmable microprocessor. It enables to swim in the pool, take a bath or sauna, workout in gymnasium etc. without removal of the bracelet.
   Application of "electronic money" technology enables to refuse payment in cash and there is no need to carry a purse. All visitors of leisure centre can pay for extra services in rental agencies, food service areas, points of complementary goods sale, make use of gym instructor’s paid services. At any time the client is able to obtain information about balance of account and leisure centre services. Owners of leisure centre are able to perform on-the-spot financial control over water park activity, avoid pledging of money and documents, provide full safety of earnings, change prices flexibly and fix time of client attendance in paid departments
of the water park.
Ski resort system
   On-the-spot control and mangement of information of different structures of ski resort integrated into common computer network: acces to ski-lifts, renting, parking, training with instructor, cafes and restaurants, hotel accomodation, gym workout is provided by ski resort system. All control points are equipped with LCD monitors to display additional information.
   Application of smart cards as single data carriers (in the form of cards, badges, watches), which are adapted for use in ski resorts, enables to check cash receipts via all cash refisters connected to the resort system and at any time obtain information about financial situation of the resort.
  ski resort system
Stadium system
stadium system      Stadium systems will be a perfect solution to secure controlled access to gymnasiums and stadiums according to "open" and "closed" bar-code tickets and season tickets to access audience to the appropriate stadium sector or sport arena. Modular structure enables step by step commissioning of the system and at the first stage it can be used with existing ticket sales systems. The system integrates the modules “Parking” and “Club system” in order to ensure full range of extra services and perform effective control over usage of fitness facility, tennis courts, show ring, saunas and swimming pools. Application of "Renting" module is most efficient for ice stadiums, rollerdromes and the stadiums with their own ski lodges. The system makes the equipment issuance and reception procedure ultimately simple, ensures equipment follow-up and flexible control of prices.

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